Polar Ice Cream is proud to be an active member of the
community by supporting many charities, organisations and
events in the areas within which we operate.

We love bringing smiles to our customers, not only with our exciting range of products, but also through our charitable commitments to those in need of our support. It is our small way of attempting to make life a little better for everybody ...

If you would like to request a donation from Polar Ice Cream, please do
the following:

Send your request to us at least 14 days before your scheduled event.
Send us all the details about the event on your official organisation letterhead. Please be specific about what you are requesting, in terms of product type and also the number of people being catered for.
Provide us with your contact information so that we can reach you if we have any questions about your request.

We do our best to accommodate as many requests for donations as we possibly can. We cannot, unfortunately, fulfil all such requests. We promise to review all your requests carefully and, if we can help you, we will contact you to let you know how.

Please note that we will not make cash donations of any kind

20 000 participants of the annual
Foodworld / Jive Big Walk enjoy their
complimentary ice creams after the event.
Polar Ice Cream has been a sponsor of this
fun-filled day since inception.

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