Soft Serve

The demand for soft serve in South Africa has grown steadily for many years now as the number of franchised fast-food and drive-through facilities has increased.

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Soft serve freezers are designed to dispense ice cream on demand. In other words, dispensing may occur either in quick succession or at infrequent and varied time intervals. To maintain a high quality ice cream under such circumstances requires a specially formulated mix and a well-insulated freezer barrel that will minimize the frequency at which refrigeration is needed.

Soft serve mixes are unique in composition, stability and whippability. A fat content below a certain percentage increases the risk of having a coarse or icy texture. Above a certain percentage, there is the possibility of churning in the freezer and a greasy or overwhelming mouth feel.

Polar Ice Cream has been supplying quality soft serve products to approved customers for the last six years or so. These customers include very large franchises where ‘licensed’ formulae have been used. They also include smaller operators where product has been developed specifically according to individual needs and budgetary requirements. We are proud of the fact that each of our soft serve customers is known in the market for the quality of their products.

In order to make attractive desserts like this, a soft serve with a good stand-up and texture is imperative